What we do

We help students to start YOUR OWN scalable businesses. If you have an idea of the NEXT BIG THING or you need to COMMERCIALIZE YOUR INVENTION, we will help you

  • to build viable business model
  • to connect with right mentors
  • to advise YOU on fund raising and prepare you to speak with an investor
  • to protect your intellectual property
  • advise you on startup finance, crowd funding, startup accelerators, seed funding
  • we will share our business experience
  • help YOU to raise up to 1,5 million EUR seed investment

Who we are

We are experienced technology entrepreneurs and investors who advise technology startups and entrepreneurs on regular basis. We have built our own successful technology businesses in the Baltics, Nordics and Silicon valley.

Contact us


+44 (0) 74 29 38 20 43


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